Monday, December 3, 2012

Prayer for Our Nation Monday- Arkansas

Another Monday is here my friends! What a blessing that we can come before the Lord in prayer. This week we will be praying for Arkansas.

"Wonderful, Holy God, we come before you today in prayer for the state of Arkansas and the people who live there. We just pray that you would do your mighty work in the hearts of those who are lost. Please impress upon their hearts their desperate need for Your salvation. Please give strength and wisdom to those who are serving you in Arkansas and who labor to preach Your Word. May they be refreshed in You Father, for Your glory. May their hearts be dependant upon You alone and not their own strength. You are the One who saves from sin and we praise you greatly for Your love and kindness. In Your wonderful name, Amen."

"The secret of a beautiful life is living in unbroken fellowship with Christ, under the influence of His presence, and the inspiration of His love and grace." ~ J.R. Miller

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