Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My sincere apologies

Dear friends, well my first attempt at doing a series on this blog has met with failure. Does it count as a series when you only have one post? I didn't think so. Our precious Lord has graciously seen fit to keep me very busy this Christmas season. With getting the flu, bookshelves breaking and repaired, new (given to me!!!) furniture being moved in and house rearranged, a surprise business trip for my husband, and the regular joy and chaos of children, my house has been decorated and redecorated several times; not to mention busy! Which means that my planned posts on the blessings of decorating for Christmas have fallen by the wayside. So, I apologize dear friends!

My husband it taking a whole week and a half off this year for Christmas which he hasn't ever done. I am so excited! But, I will not be posting until after the new year. So, until then, I thought I would share some lovely Christmas books that we have been enjoying this year:

For our little boys:

 I just love this book and that it includes the names of Jesus within it. This year we are learning the names of Jesus and we make a little paper ornament each day with a name of Jesus and hang it on our tree. This book is so special for tying all that in, especially for the littlest eyes.

We love this book as it present the whole gospel story as a grand tour of the Bible. It is so beautiful and we love reading it. It is a longer picture book so we read a chapter a night or over several days because of my wiggly little guys.

The pictures have a different flavor in this book but my boys like it a lot. I have no idea why it is so expensive. Perhaps because it is Christmas?

This is another favorite with the traditional words to the song and Ezra Keats pictures.

I love this one! The pictures are so lovely with the nativity and I love how the little boys talks about his animals. The boys enjoy it so much as well.

Books for Adults:

I love this book so much! It is a compilation of writings from godly men and women- both old and new. I have enjoyed this greatly this year. She also has an Easter one that I love as well.

I confess I haven't finished this book. But, what I have read so far is wonderful. (Christian Audio has a free audio book download of this this month so look out for that.)

I have not read this book before even though it is considered a classic. I really thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is so very descriptive and just perfect for Christmas. (You can find this book for free through Google Books or as a audio book through Books Should be Free.com)

Well, I hope that you are enjoying your Christmas season celebrating the joyous birth of our Savior. He alone is worthy of all praise! He is altogether lovely.

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