Friday, September 21, 2012

Evidence Not Seen

I wanted to share an excerpt from one of my favorite books- "Evidence Not Seen" by Darlene Deibler Rose. The book is an autobiography of Darlene Deibler Rose and her faith admist severe hardships especially being a prisoner in a Japanese Prison of War camp. I love this book so much as it is a huge testimony of God's strength and blessing during the hardest events a person could go through. Our Lord is with us in the fires of life! How gracious He is!

“There, in the dark hours of that night, I walked into the sanctuary of my heart. The lamps fed by the oil of the Spirit were burning brightly.

“My precious Lord, I have come to worship and adore You. This had been a day like no other I have ever known. Today has marked the final stripping away of every transient treasure I possessed. I’ve nothing but this dirty, faded blue-grey work suit, but never have I felt so privileged, so blessed, or so rich!”

I thought of the many nights spent in the trench, looking up at the night sky. I reveled in the magnificent display in the heavens- the stars, the moon, and the planets- and I wondered how such a One, the great Creator, could have a personal interest in me, a young woman without any special gifts, talents, or beauty. Sometimes the very magnitude of His handiwork made Him seek almost remote. But that night, that One, the High and Lifted up Holey One of God, wearing His most magnificent robe, a robe of human flesh, came to dwell with a child of man in a new and beautiful relationship. Oh, the wonder of His love for me and His personal concern for me, as an individual, was overwhelming. Together we walked through the events of that day…One by one, He pulled Scripture passages out of the storehouse of my memory, to remind me that they had been hidden there for such a time as this.

            “I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction” (Isaiah 41:10)

This verse called to remembrance my Lord in a blazing furnace with three young Hebrew men. There was something so poignant, so intimate about the privedge that was theirs, or “walking around in the fire” with their Lord. Because of the testimony, the faith, and the courage of three young men, the king and a crown of people caught a glimpse of Jesus. When they emerged, there was no acrid, caustic scent of fire upon them- just the fragrance that emanated from three young people who had been walking with their Lord in the furnace of afflication.

“That’s very important, isn’t it Lord? I pray that, if I come out of this war alive, that I may be ‘sweet smelling’- not bitter or cynical, but like a sweet smelling, fragrant incense unto You. All this long day, You have walked with me, and never for a moment have I been out of Your sight. Of this I have been keenly aware.”

I saw again, in my mind’s eye, the bomb canister there in the ditch among the ashes of the mattress, and I knew how much my Lord loved me. Singing what has come to be my Lord’s lullaby for me, I fell asleep:

            Loved with an everlasting love,
            Led by grace that loves to know;
            Spirit breathing from above,
            Thou hast taught me it is so!
            Oh, this full and perfect peace!
            Oh, this transport all divine!
            In a love which cannot cease,
            I am His and He is mine!"
 ~ Taken from "Evidence Not Seen" by Darlene Deibler Rose

Here is a link to the book for those of you who are interested in this wonderful, God-honoring book:

Friday, September 14, 2012

Come to Jesus

Forgive me for not posting in a while. We went camping to a beautiful lake! Since then, I have been struggling with the mountain of laundry that camping inevitably makes! I will share pictures soon but until then these was incredibly encouraging:

"Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age!" Matthew 28:20 
What an exalted and endearing truth, is Christ's sleepless vigilance over His people! Imagine yourself threading your way along a most difficult and perilous path, every step of which is attended with pain and hazard, and is taken with hesitancy and doubt. Unknown to you and unseen--there is One hovering around you each moment . . .
  checking each false step,
  guiding each doubtful one,
  soothing each sorrow,
  and supplying each need.
All is calm and silent. Not a sound is heard, not a movement is seen; and yet, to your amazement, just at the critical moment--the needed support comes--you know not from where, you know not from whom! This is no picture of imagination--but a divine reality.
Are you a child of God on your pilgrimage to paradise, by an intricate and a perilous way? Jesus is near to you at each moment, unseen and often unknown! You have at times stood speechless with awe at the strange interposition on your behalf, of providence and of grace--when no visible sign indicated the source of your help. There was no echo of footfall at your side, no flitting of shadow athwart your path. No law of nature was altered nor suspended--the sun did not stand still, nor did the heavens open. And yet deliverance--strange and effectual deliverance--came at a moment most unexpected, yet most needed.
It was Jesus--your Redeemer, your Brother, your Shepherd, and your Guide! He it was who, hovering around you, unknown and unobserved--kept you as the apple of His eye, and sheltered you in the hollow of His hand. It was He who armed you with bravery for the fight--who poured strength into your spirit--and grace into your heart, when the full weight of calamity pressed upon them. Thus has He always been, to His children.
The eye which neither slumbers nor sleeps--was upon you! He knew in what furnace you were placed--and was there to temper the flame when it seemed the severest. He saw your frail vessel struggling through the tempest--and He came to your rescue at the height of the storm!
How has He proved this in seasons of difficulty and doubt! How often, at a crisis the most critical of your history--the Lord has appeared for you!
Your lack has been supplied,
your doubt has been solved, and
your perplexity has been guided.
He has delivered . . .
  your soul from death,
  your eyes from tears, and
  your feet from falling!
You are never for an instant . . .
  out of His heart,
  out of His thoughts,
out of His hands,
  or out of His eye!
Go then, and lay your weariness on Christ!
Take your bereaved, stricken and bleeding heart to Him!What is your sorrow?
Has the hand of death smitten?
Is the beloved one removed?
Has the desire of your eyes been taken away with a stroke?
Who has done it?
Jesus has done it! Death was only His messenger. Your Jesus has done it! The Lord has given--and the Lord has taken away. And what has He removed?

Your wife? Ah, Jesus has all the tenderness that your wife ever had. Her love was only a drop from the ocean of love which is in His heart.
Is it your husband? Jesus is better to you than ten husbands.
Is it your parent, your child, your friend, your all of earthly bliss?
Is the cistern broken?
Is the earthen vessel dashed to pieces?
Are all your streams dry?
Jesus is still enough! He has not taken Himself from you--and never, never will.
Take your bereaved, stricken and bleeding heart to Him--and rest it upon His heart, which was once bereaved, stricken and bleeding, too! He knows how to . . .
   bind up the broken heart,
   heal the wounded spirit,
   and comfort those who mourn.
What is your sorrow?
Has health failed you?
Has property forsaken you?
Have friends turned against you?
Are you tried in your circumstances?
Are you perplexed in your path?
Are providences thickening and darkening around you?
Are you anticipating seasons of approaching trial?
Are you walking in darkness, having no light?
Simply go to Jesus! He is an ever open door!
He is a tender, loving, faithful Friend, ever near.
He is a Brother born for your adversity.
His grace and sympathy are sufficient for you.
Go to Him in every trial. Cast yourself upon Him every burden.
Take the infirmity, the corruption, the cross as it arises.

Simply and immediately to Jesus!
Go to Him at all times and under all circumstances!"
~ Octavius Winslow