Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jesus Our Greatest Treasure and a Gift for You

"Jesus.. was wrapped in swaddling clothes, as other children are when they are new-born, as if he could be bound, or needed to be kept straight. He that makes darkness a swaddling band for the sea was himself wrapped in swaddling bands, Job 38:9. The everlasting Father became a child of time, and men said to him whose out-goings were of old from everlasting, We know this man, whence he is, Jn. 7:27. The Ancient of days became an infant of a span long."

-Commentary on Luke 2 by Matthew Henry

This above quote has given me so much to think about in the last few years. I love reading through the Christmas story and Job 38-42. Somehow reading these Scriptures together just makes the mystery and wonder of Christmas so much more apparent in my own heart. I prepared this document two years ago for our family for Christmas. It is my Christmas gift to you and I hope you enjoy it!

Jesus- Our Greatest Treasure

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