Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christ Centered Decorating- Advent Arrangement

I thought that I would start a series on Christ Centered decorating for Christmas. I have been so inspired since a company called Doorposts had a contest on decorating your home with Scripture. So many of the entries were so lovely and inspiring. Ever since then, I have been attempting to decorate my home more with Scripture. So, I thought that would share some of my ideas for decorating at Christmas since the whole reason is Christ come to earth. I would love it so much if you would share how you incorporate Scripture in decorating your home.

Today I am sharing my homemade Advent arrangement. When searching for Advent ideas this year, I had seen many resources that have a reading everyday. I had also seen traditional Advent wreaths with the four candles. (I think I might even have one of those somewhere). But, I have little children and wanted to have something every day for them to do. My little ones just love candles so I decided to make an arrangement where we could light one candle every night. So, each night we light a candle, sing a Christmas hymn, and read a section of Scripture. It has been really lovely so far!

(I must add a disclaimer. I am not a professional decorator. I just am a mother trying to make my home lovely and Christ exalting for my family.)

As you can see, I used two cookie trays as the base. I then used wine glasses and mason jars that I had and turned them upside down. Underneath each glass I put cinnamon sticks and pinecones. Finally, I put some pretty flowers, berries, and foliage around. The picture cuts off the two taper candles that I have for lighting on Christmas Eve and Christmas. The lighting isn't very good as I took this pictures after the kids have gone to bed. It is a big display for our table but the boys are quite excited about lighting all of the candles. It is much nicer in person!

(Also, you'll notice that we only have 24 candles instead of 25. We started a day late so I just put out 24.)

Well, here you are. I hope that it might inspire you a little. As mothers, it is our lovely joy to set before our children memories that will hopefully lead them closer to the Lord. As this beautiful season continues, I pray that you will have multiple opportunities to impress the truths of the gospel upon your children's hearts.

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