Saturday, August 11, 2012


Recently, we went through what I have affectionately called "wedding season". We attended two weddings, three bridal showers, and one bachelor party in the space of about a month. In the two weddings we helped decorate, serve, clean, and other miscellany. With all of the new love and marriage in the air, it has really made me remember our own lovely wedding and all of the beautiful memories surrounding it. Even more, when trying to write and think of advice for the new couples, I remembered some of the best advice given to me. My husband and I have been married for almost eight years now and this advice from others has been the most helpful:

~ Christ should be the foundation of your marriage. You should seek His love and a relationship with Him before all others.

~ Marriage is a calling to die to yourself and learn to serve your family.

~ As a wife, it should be a delight for me to always speak well of my husband and to NEVER criticize him or complain about him to others. I should always praise him in front of others. The wife of the pastor who married us gave me this advice.

What advice were you given that has been most helpful?

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