Friday, November 9, 2012

The Power of Prayer

"Reader, do you know the blessedness of confiding your every need and every care—your every sorrow and every cross—into the ear of the Savior? He is the "Wonderful Counselor." With an exquisitely tender sympathy He can enter into the innermost depths of your need. That need may be great, but the everlasting arms are underneath it all. Think of Him now, at this moment—the great Angel of the Covenant, with the censer full of much incense, in which are placed your feeblest aspirations, your most burdened sighs—the odor-breathing cloud ascending with acceptance before the Father's throne...Confide your cause to this waiting Redeemer. You cannot weary Him with your importunity. He delights in hearing. His Father is glorified in giving. The memorable Bethany-utterance remains unaltered and unrepealed—"I know that You hear me always." He is still the "Prince that has power with God and prevails"—still promises and pleads—still He lives and loves!"

"I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait; and in his word do I hope."
The Words of Jesus by John MacDuff (page 14-15)

I have begun reading a wonderful reprint of a devotional book that was given to me for my birthday. I have been enjoying it ever so much and the above quote is a little excerpt from it. I hope that it encourages you as much as it has me today.

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