Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Fullness of Jesus

"When we look at ourselves- at the littleness of our love, the barrenness of our service, and the small progress we make toward perfection- how soul-refreshing it is to turn and gaze at Him; to plunge afresh in 'the fountain opened for sin and for uncleanness'; to remember that we are 'accepted in the Beloved'...'who of God is made unto us wisdom and righteousness and sanctification and redemption'. Oh the fullness of Christ: the fullness of Christ!"
- Hudson Taylor In Early Years, by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor, page 183

 I don't really know what to say today except that this is just the perfect picture for today. I am so weary and to think upon the fullness of Jesus this morning has just been so refreshing to my soul. The fullness of Jesus.
His strength for my weakness.
His rest for my weariness.
His love for my grumpiness.
His peace for my worry.
His joy for my ungratefulness.
His patience for my frustration.
The fullness of Jesus.

He is altogether lovely, isn't He? When I look at myself and my own sinfulness, my heart despairs. But, when I gaze at His perfection my heart rejoices. For the great transfer of His sufficiency for my insufficiency is joy producing. Oh that my heart would love Him more for what He has done for me!

It reminds me of a beautiful hymn called "Do Not I Love Thee, O my Lord?". You can download the song for free here and hear how beautiful it is. (You have to scroll down to the 2005 downloads for this particular song. But all the songs are just lovely!) The lyrics are below.

Do not I Love Thee, O my Lord?

Do not I love Thee, O my Lord?
Behold my heart and see;
And turn each curs├Ęd idol out,
That dares to rival Thee.

Do not I love Thee, O my Lord?
Then let me nothing love;
Dead be my heart to every joy,
When Jesus cannot move.

Is not Thy Name melodious still
To mine attentive ear?
Doth not each pulse with pleasure bound
My Savior’s voice to hear?

Hast Thou a lamb in all Thy flock
I would disdain to feed?
Hast Thou a foe, before whose face
I fear Thy cause to plead?

Would not mine ardent spirit vie
With angels round the throne,
To execute Thy sacred will,
And make Thy glory known?

Would not my heart pour forth its blood
In honor of Thy Name?
And challenge the cold hand of death
To damp th’immortal flame?

Thou know’st I love Thee, dearest Lord,
But O, I long to soar
Far from the sphere of mortal joys,
And learn to love Thee more!

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